Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bang Pop Bang

I have learned that I like banging things together. For example, when I have a rattle in my hand, I like hitting it against another toy. It makes a really loud sound and drives my mom crazy. I am also getting to where I roll my head around much easier. I still like to favor the right side. But if I want I will roll it to the other side with hardly no difficulty. As long as I don't arch my back and throw my head back first. I always have to remember to tuck my chin and then roll my head over. Then it is much easier. I also made a new noise the other night. I make it by sucking on my arm and then letting go and it makes a pop sound. It surprised me the other night. But of course I kept doing it because it sounded pretty cool. With all these new sounds I am making I am sure to drive my mom and dad crazy. But they sure are proud of me for learning new things.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not so well

All shackeled up.
Dad decided to handcuff me the other night.

Well I got to go to the doctor again today. I was up all last night coughing and not feeling very good. Mom was a little worried because my cousin went to the doctor yesterday and had this virus and since I was around him this past weekend mom was worried I had what he had. But the doctor said it looks like I just have a bad cold. I feel a little bit better today. But yesterday was the worst. I didn't want to eat anything and everything that I did eat, I threw it back up. But today, I am eating much better. I still have these coughing fits every now and then. Hopefully tonight goes better than last night.
I also got to meet my new speech therapist yesterday. It wasn't a very good day for me to see her, but I really like her. She talks to me a lot and plays with me. She explains everything she is doing while she is playing with me. Like, if she is shaking a toy she says she is shaking it. She doesn't really care what I say so I don't have to say to much when she is here. But she works my brain and is letting me absorb everything she is telling me. Which is why she explains everything she does. Her logic on that is, eventually I will get all this information and one day it will come out in words. Which makes sense, I guess.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You're FIRED!!

A while back I had to fire my speech therapist. I am still working on getting a new one. And now I am getting ready to fire my occupational therapist. She keeps cancelling and not showing up. And I am tired of it. A boy needs his therapy. I can't do this all by myself. Mom and dad are doing the best they can but that extra help sure is appreciated. The only thing is that there are not many occupational therapist that do first steps. So finding another one might be a problem. So I am going to go ahead and keep this one until I find a new one. Even if she only shows up once a month or when she can. But once I find another one SHE'S FIRED!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006


Today, I got to spend the whole day with mom. She didn't have to go into work today. And of course, I didn't let her sleep in on her day off. That would be too nice of me to do that. I have to much of my dad in me to be that nice. So we got up at 6:00 and started the day. We played most of the morning, but then I decided we should take a morning nap. So I fell asleep about 9:00 and took a two hour nap. All that playing wore me out. Then I got up and ate lunch and played some more. Then I had to get ready and get all handsome to go get my 1 year pictures taken. I wasn't too happy about that. I decided to take a nap on the way to JCPenney's where I got my pictures taken. So when we got there mom had to wake me up and I was not ready to get up yet. Also it was raining when we got there so we both got pretty wet. I think mom got the worst of it though. But that didn't make things any better. I smiled a little bit for my pictures but I guess I could have done better.
On another note, I got another tooth. So that makes number 10. I think. Another one on the bottom - an eye tooth. It didn't bother me to bad like the other molars did.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


When you come in from the hot heat outside. A popsicle sounds pretty good. Its cold and refreshing. Except it is really really cold. Dad gave me a popsicle the other day and it was really good and I ate about half of it but I had to make this face with every bite. The face of oohh this is really really cold look. But I kept coming back for more.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I had my 1 year checkup yesterday. It wasn't much fun because I had to get 3 shots. It didn't feel very well. But mom drugged me with Tylonel before I got them so that helped a little. But it still really hurt. The doctor checked me all over and said I was looking pretty good until they weighed me. I apparently haven't gained very much weight since my 9 month checkup. I now weigh 17 lbs 8.5oz that is up only about 6 oz from the last time, which isn't the greatest. I sure thought I weighed more than that, mom even thinks so and thinks the scale was wrong. I grew in length about 1/2 in. I am a whooping 28 inches long. The doctor didn't seem to concerned except that we need to keep an extra close eye on it. I will go back in about 3 months for my 15 month checkup and if I haven't gained very much weight again. They may take some blood tests to make sure everything is okay. So I better start eating to make sure I don't have to do that, because I hate when they have to prick me for blood. I have had enough of that. But other than that, the doctor said everything looks great.
I also showed off my teeth for her with a big smile. Another molar poked through last night. This one came in much easier than the last one. I didn't even wake up last night. It might have been because mom gave me some more Tylonel because I had a little bit of a fever because of the shots. I woke up in a great mood this morning and got to spend the day with my Grandma Vickie.