Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beautiful day

This is me today not taking a nap. I didn't feel very tired, so my theory on that is not to take a nap. I went to the Ms Briana's this morning but mom picked me up around 1:30. I was too busy at Ms Briana's to even think about a nap, we even got to go outside. So after mom picked me up, we got home and ate a little snack and she thought I needed a nap. But she thought wrong. As you can see from my face I told her. But she had something up her sleeve. Since I wasn't going to sleep, we decided to go outside and go for a walk. It was so warm outside I got to put on my jacket instead of my coat. It was gorgeous. And to my surprise, half through the walk, I was zonked out. But as soon as we got home and mom took me out of the stroller, I was back up again. But I was sure ready to go to bed tonight.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yell and shout

I have learned how to shout and yell. I have done it before but not as much and often. But now if someone is not paying attention to me, I will get their attention by yelling and shouting at them. Usually just one loud shout does it. Or when I am hungry and mom isn't fast enough getting the food ready.
I think another tooth is coming in, one on the bottom. I am drooling a lot and haven't been sleeping the best at night. I usually wake up once around three. Mom gives me a bottle and that usually makes me go back to sleep. Most of the time. Hopefully my tooth breaks through soon and my other three so I can get some better sleep. Time will tell.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Everybody loves Raymond

What comes on at 6:30 everynight on CBS? My new favorite show...Everybody loves Raymond. I really am not too interested in the show until the very last part. There is a little jingle at the end of every show. It sounds like a piano and as soon as I hear it, I immediately stop what I am doing. I listen very closely and wait until the last note. As soon as the last note is played I kick my legs up and laugh. I think it is the funniest thing ever.