Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I had my 1 year checkup yesterday. It wasn't much fun because I had to get 3 shots. It didn't feel very well. But mom drugged me with Tylonel before I got them so that helped a little. But it still really hurt. The doctor checked me all over and said I was looking pretty good until they weighed me. I apparently haven't gained very much weight since my 9 month checkup. I now weigh 17 lbs 8.5oz that is up only about 6 oz from the last time, which isn't the greatest. I sure thought I weighed more than that, mom even thinks so and thinks the scale was wrong. I grew in length about 1/2 in. I am a whooping 28 inches long. The doctor didn't seem to concerned except that we need to keep an extra close eye on it. I will go back in about 3 months for my 15 month checkup and if I haven't gained very much weight again. They may take some blood tests to make sure everything is okay. So I better start eating to make sure I don't have to do that, because I hate when they have to prick me for blood. I have had enough of that. But other than that, the doctor said everything looks great.
I also showed off my teeth for her with a big smile. Another molar poked through last night. This one came in much easier than the last one. I didn't even wake up last night. It might have been because mom gave me some more Tylonel because I had a little bit of a fever because of the shots. I woke up in a great mood this morning and got to spend the day with my Grandma Vickie.

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