Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kenna - 10 months old

Dear Kenna,

It seems this past month has been a month of a lot of changes.You continue to grow and learn new things.You no longer crawl by dong 'The Worm', you have figured out that you can get there much quicker by doing the standard crawl. You have also mastered pulling yourself to your feet and love to climb on everything.

I love how you explore. You will be in the living room playing with your toys and then decide to wonder off into the kitchen, the bedroom or the playroom. You love to follow your brother around when he is in his wheelchair. That is until he decides to run into you.

During your exploring, you tend to get yourself into some tight spaces. For instance, instead of taking the easy way around the couch you think it's a better idea to squeeze yourself through the end table.