Monday, March 29, 2010

Our New Home

So we have finally settled into our temporary new home. I wasn't too sure in the beginning, mom walked me around the new place and showed me each room and telling me this was our place now. My eyes were as wide as could be and I kept making my surprised sound as we went into each room. She then took me to see my new room and what did I see, my race car bed and I just smiled really big. I was so glad to see something familiar. I have adapted very well to the move and have been sleeping really well. I think it is much quieter at our new home since my room is in back of the house instead of the front like at our old house. Plus we live on a dead end street, so we don't have cars driving by. I think I am going to like it here.

Monday, March 15, 2010


So if you haven't heard by now, let me tell you. WE ARE MOVING!!! We finally sold our house (after 8 months of being on the market). We have not found another house yet so we are going to rent a duplex for now. This way we can take our time finding the right house just for us. So the packing begins, we hope to be moved by this weekend.

You don't realize how much stuff you have until you start packing. As long as all my toys get packed I am good. Although that can take up several boxes. It's kind of funny how mom and dad's concept of packing are totally different. Mom has been packing stuff up for the past week and is trying to be as organized as possible. Dad's concept has been waiting until the last minute and then throw it into a box. So needless to say, dad hasn't help much as of yet, until tonight. We plan to start moving into the duplex tomorrow (Tuesday), so tonight we did some major packing and dad got into the grove of throwing everything into a box, including ME! Luckily he didn't tape it up. So wish us luck for a smooth moving process.

Okay, you better get me out of here, or else!!