Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bang Pop Bang

I have learned that I like banging things together. For example, when I have a rattle in my hand, I like hitting it against another toy. It makes a really loud sound and drives my mom crazy. I am also getting to where I roll my head around much easier. I still like to favor the right side. But if I want I will roll it to the other side with hardly no difficulty. As long as I don't arch my back and throw my head back first. I always have to remember to tuck my chin and then roll my head over. Then it is much easier. I also made a new noise the other night. I make it by sucking on my arm and then letting go and it makes a pop sound. It surprised me the other night. But of course I kept doing it because it sounded pretty cool. With all these new sounds I am making I am sure to drive my mom and dad crazy. But they sure are proud of me for learning new things.

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