Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not so well

All shackeled up.
Dad decided to handcuff me the other night.

Well I got to go to the doctor again today. I was up all last night coughing and not feeling very good. Mom was a little worried because my cousin went to the doctor yesterday and had this virus and since I was around him this past weekend mom was worried I had what he had. But the doctor said it looks like I just have a bad cold. I feel a little bit better today. But yesterday was the worst. I didn't want to eat anything and everything that I did eat, I threw it back up. But today, I am eating much better. I still have these coughing fits every now and then. Hopefully tonight goes better than last night.
I also got to meet my new speech therapist yesterday. It wasn't a very good day for me to see her, but I really like her. She talks to me a lot and plays with me. She explains everything she is doing while she is playing with me. Like, if she is shaking a toy she says she is shaking it. She doesn't really care what I say so I don't have to say to much when she is here. But she works my brain and is letting me absorb everything she is telling me. Which is why she explains everything she does. Her logic on that is, eventually I will get all this information and one day it will come out in words. Which makes sense, I guess.

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