Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Votes Are In

The votes are in and the winner is
Diane's Perspective!!!

It looks like I won't be upsetting to many people. As there were only 2 people who voted for Tyler's perspective. Sorry Tyler :( But just to satisfy those 2 people, Tyler will stop by on occasion. You may have read one of the comments to the post and I have to live with one of those people who voted against me. Click HERE to read that comment.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hydro Walk - St. Louis

St. Louis hosted their 4th annual Hydrocephalus Walk. This was our 2nd time attending. The Walk helps raise awareness and helps support the Hydrocephalus Association's mission to fund innovative research and provide support, education and advocacy for individuals, families and professionals dealing with hydrocephalus.

The St. Louis Walk was a huge success and raised $24,519 and counting. They had some fun activities for the kids, like face painting, a clown who made balloon animals, and other fun games. Fred Bird, the Cardinals mascot, was even there. Unfortunately, we did not get Tyler's picture taken with him. The actual walk was a 1 mile walk through the park which was a nice leisurely stroll.

This year, Tyler's Team consisted of me, Travis, Joann (Tyler's Grandma), Vickie (friend) and Chrissi (friend from high school) and of course Tyler. It was a wonderful surprise when I saw Chrissi at the park when we arrived. She is a good high school friend which I have not talked to in ages (I think since high school). It was so great to see her and for her to surprise us was just awesome. Thank you guys for all coming and walking with us.

Also THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who donated to this great cause!!!

Group picture of everyone affected by hydrocephalus
Owen & Tyler
This was the best shot I got of the boys. LOL It was hot and Owen was just waking up from a nap.
Owen and his parents were planning to go on our Niagara Falls trip but had to back out. So it was so nice to actually meet them in person.

Let the Walk begin.

From R to L: Vickie, Chrissi, Joann, Tyler & me

From R to L: Vickie, Chrissi Joann, Tyler and Travis

Tyler enjoying some ice cream after the walk...mmmm!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who's perspecitve?

Originally, my husband, Travis, set up Tyler's Caringbridge Site when Tyler was in the hospital. Once we made it home, he decided to start a blog. Once he got the blog up and running, he made me in charge of the documenting. When he first began writing, he decided to write his page in Tyler's point of view. So when I started to take over, I continued this trend.

However, recently I have been debating on changing it and writing in my own point of view. I would still document about Tyler's life and his everyday happenings and this will still be HIS page. But it would be in my point of view. But I wanted to ask my readers what they like.

To vote, click on Tyler or Diane on the sidebar under Who's Perspective. I will have the poll up for a week, so let me know what you prefer.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Today was a BIG day. Tyler started his first day of kindergarten. I think I was more nervous than he was, so much that I barely got any sleep the night before. Of course, Tyler slept great and was well rested for his big day. I knew he would do well but I was still anxious and wasn't for sure how he would do being at school the ENTIRE day. The past 2 years he has gone to the same school for Early Childhood. So he and I were familiar with the transition process, teachers, and therapists. The only difference is that Early Childhood was only for half days and kindergarten is full days (8am-3pm). He does great not getting a nap everyday but I just knew this would wear him out. He was a big boy and didn't even cry (which I knew he wouldn't). Sometimes I wish that he would care a little bit when I left but I guess it makes it easier on us both. And I was pretty proud of myself for not crying. I still can't believe he is in kindergarten. So I left him with bookbag and lunch bag in hand and went on my way.

On my way to where though. It was such a big day for him that I thought it was worth taking off work too. But what was I going to do the whole time he was at school? Before I only had 2-3 hours before I had to pick him up again. But now I had 7 hours all to myself. So I ran some errands in the morning, did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and then in the afternoon I pampered myself. I decided to get a pedicure. I was long overdue for one. I decided to have Tyler ride the bus home (well really to the babysitters) and I picked him up from there. This is where he will usually get dropped off and I didn't want to cause any confusion or have him ride a different bus just for this one day. He was super excited to see me when I got him off the bus. He has been in a great mood since we have been home and we will see how much they wore him out and if he is ready to go to bed earlier than normal.

Tyler with his teachers Ms. Kia, Ms. Misty and Ms. Shelly

Me & Tyler
Tyler on the bus.
I kind of startled him at first as you can see from the picture. After that I got a HUGE smile!

Today marks a big day for Tyler and my blog. Today marks my 300th post.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Niagara Falls Vacation - Part 5

Random Photos

Morning in the Park
Amanda & Isaac
Tyler, Elisabeth & Matthew
Elisabeth & Matthew cuddling (their arms are even interlocked)
Tyler & Isaac
I'm not sure why this photo is turned I tried reloading it several times
Cayman & TylerCayman playing peek-a-boo with Megan & Mason.Tyler meeting Ben & JoeThe siblingsAll of the momsThe wedding we attended. It was quite amusing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Niagara Falls Vacation - Part 4


Some of the memories that I want to remember from this trip.
  • Traveled 1750 miles total
  • Traveled through 6 states
  • Getting lost in downtown Cincinnati
  • Meeting 7 wonderful families (The Stamms, Soldatke's, Sorenson's, Wease's, Averett's, Higgin's and Atkin's)
  • Sitting out by the pool until almost midnight talking
  • Eating at Mille's Buffet where we should of dined and dashed (it was awful and too expensive)
  • The morning in the park
  • Watching all the kids play
  • Attended a wedding
  • Eating at Bob Evans for Donald's Birthday
  • Listening to Lisa's rap
  • Experiencing the Maid of the Mist
  • And of course, The Falls
I'm sure I could mention more but that's all I can think of now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Niagara Falls Vacation - Part 3

The Falls
View UpstreamThe edge of the Falls
View from Goat Island
Rainbow Bridge

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Niagara Falls Vacation - Part 2

Maid of the Mist

One of the things that was at the top of my to do list was partaking in the Maid of the Mist. The Maid of the Mist is a 20 minute boat ride along the bottom of the falls. The falls are absolutely breathtaking and seeing them up close is even more breathtaking.
Don't let the name Maid of the Mist fool you though because it was no mist. We were drenched after our 20 minute ride. They do give you rain ponchos (pretty much a plastic bag) to wear but they just don't do much justice. Even though we got drenched, it was so much fun!

I wasn't for sure how Tyler was going to like it, because he hates it when wind and rain hit his face. But we were going to try it anyways. I'm so glad we did because he LOVED it. It may have been because he had a big trash bag over him. And let me tell you he loves trash bags at least when you shake them.
Jill, Michelle, Kristen and Diane

Cayman & Kristen

An After Shot

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Niagara Falls Vacation - Part 1

Meeting other Hydro Families

One word to describe our trip to Niagara Falls was AMAZING!!!

The main purpose of this trip was to meet other families with kids with hydrocephalus. I have met some wonderful people through other blogs and facebook in hopes of one day meeting them in real life. This past week those hopes and dreams came true. We met up with 7 other families. It was such a surreal moment when meeting them for the first time. It was almost like we had been friends forever but had never met.

Left to Right: Tyler, Elijah, Isaac, Elisabeth, Matthew, Cayman, Owen

Tyler & Ben

I have never met a better group of ladies. These woman are some of the strongest and most amazing people I have ever met.

Left to Right: Diane, Amanda, Jennifer, Michelle, Jill, Lisa & Kristen