Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Melaina's Magical Playland

Our town is getting an all-inclusive and fully accessible playground built. Melaina's Magical Playland was inspired by the daughter of Jeff and Andrea Cunningham. Melaina was a vibrant and spunky 3-year old who didn't let a disease like Nemaline Myopathy diminish her spirit. Unfortunately, Melaina is not with us today and won't be able to enjoy the playground, but her spirit lives on in her parents and friends and her passing did not let this mission stop Jeff and Andrea from building this playground. They are such wonderful and caring people I have ever met and commend them for taking on this mission. This playground will be a place for ALL kids to play side by side with one another. The playground broke ground earlier this year and hopes to be completed by this fall.

Unfortunately, this past weekend there was some vandals at the playground site and someone decided to damage some of the equipment. How can some people be so inconsiderate and have no respect? I hope they find who did this and have to pay the consequences.

They are still raising money to help cover budgeted expenses and now with these vandals they are having to repair equipment before it's even finished. This is a set back but this playground will still be built. Any donations are always appreciated and can be mailed to:

Melaina's Magical Playland
PO Box 211
Cape Girardeau, MO 63702

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