Monday, July 16, 2012

Surgery, Recovery & Meeting another Hydro Family

Tyler had surgery last Friday to remove the plates from his hips that were placed in October 2010. They were long overdue to come out. This type of surgery is typically outpatient, but since we have a 2-hour drive home, the doctor warned us that she may keep him overnight. We went up the day before for a doctor appointment and to get one last x-ray before surgery. The appointment checked out well and we were scheduled to be at the hospital the next morning bright and early (6:15am). So we stayed at a nearby hotel.

The evening before surgery we met up with a local family, who also has a son with L1 Syndrome (x-linked hydrocephalus). We met Sandy & Tom and their 2 kids (Connor and Noah). Noah is 2 years old and has the same diagnosis as Tyler.. We met them briefly last year at the Hydrocephalus Walk in St. Louis, but it was so good to meet up again and talk. Noah is so precious and was always smiling. I loved listening to his sweet little laugh. And of course, did I remember to take a picture? No!

Friday morning came and we were off to the hospital. This was Tyler's 7th surgery. I don't like to say that it gets easier but I hate to say that we kind of have the pattern down. The anxiety and worry is still there and will always be there. The hardest part now, is that Tyler is older and begins to realize that something bad is going to happen when nurses start messing with him. It breaks my heart. But Tyler had his trusty football with him (which has been with him in every surgery since he got it) to give him some comfort. He came through the surgery with flying colors and the doctor said he was doing so well that she discharged us that same day. Tyler's recovery is going smoothly and we are back to our regular routine this week.

Before surgery

Each leg was marked with a "YES" so they knew where to cut.

After surgery

 The plates next to a quarter so you an see how big they are (the screws were a lot bigger than I thought they would be)

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Michelle said...

I know, I'm way behind on my blogs...but so great to see him doing well after the surgery. And I love the football - at least Owen wasn't there to take it away from him this time!