Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last week of school

The last week of school is always a fun week for kids (at least in elementary). Once they hit the higher grade levels, there is testing and finals to be done. So that's not so much fun. So you might as well enjoy these younger years as much as possible.

Tyler's last day of school is Friday. This week, his class has celebrated summer birthdays, had a field trip, an ice cream party and track/field day. Let's just say they have had a lot of sweet treats.

Today was track & field day. There were 25 different stations set up with an activity at each one. You were paired up in a group of 4 and given a Bingo card. Each station was numbered and your group could decide which stations they wanted to participate in, of course trying to get a Bingo. The more Bingo's you completed, the more prizes you earned. So you wanted to try and complete as many stations in the time given. Tyler's group completed 5 Bingo's and they had a blast. Some of Tyler's favorite stations were:
  • Being pulled on a sled by his team around an obstacle course
  • "Running" a lap around the track (which was a good work-out for mom also)
  • Riding on a 2-seater tricycle around an obstacle course
  • Trying to pick up marbles with your feet in a pool of water (he pretty much just liked splashing his feet)
Tyler's Bingo group 
(Tyler, Rebekah, Riley & Nathan)
 Tyler splashing in the water

 Singing karaoke - a Taylor Swift song (of course, picked by the girls)

 Balancing a wet sponge on his head. He was not to fond of this and kept looking down to make it fall.

Riding on the tricycles

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Jen said...

Looks like lots of fun. Norah is sitting on my lap looking at all the pictures. She is saying Hi and excited to see him again soon :)