Monday, January 02, 2012

2 months

I can't believe Kenna is 2 months old already. She has grown so much in this last month. We are getting a lot more smiles but of course when the camera comes out, I usually get nothing. She loves being talked too and her most happy time is in the morning.

This is also my last day of maternity leave. I have enjoyed staying home with her and wish I could stay home with her like I did with Tyler for 8 months. But there are bills that need paid :) They change so much in their first year, I hate to miss anything.

Happy 2 months!!
Look at those cheeks. Can you tell she hasn't missed a meal :)


Lisa said...

Look at those cheeks!

Kristen said...

Those are amazing cheeks!

Gosh, can you believe I have forgotten how large those monthly stickers can look?? I remember staring at Kobe when he was a month old and telling him I was going to memorize his tininess. And you know, I don't think it can be done. I have forgotten just how little a newborn is.

She is a doll Diane!

I hope returning to work is going okay for you. What an adjustment that must be!