Monday, August 01, 2011


We celebrated Tyler's birthday on Sunday. We invited all of our family and friends for some fun in the park. There was good food, a lot of bouncing in the bounce house and a fun time was had by all!

Yes, 6 months pregnant and I still got in the bounce house :)
And yes, there was some adults that wanted to still be kids. Here is Travis doing a hand stand.

Tyler meeting the birthday monkey. This monkey gets passed around to every birthday. I am so thrilled that it has made a home in my living room for now.~~Can you sense my sarcasm?~~ Hmmm, I wonder who the next lucky owner will be. Better hope you don't have a birthday coming up, LOL!
Tyler with his hydro buddy, Keller.

Tyler enjoyed watching his #6 sparkler candle. I thought I would try this fun candle instead regular candles, since he isn't able to blow out the candles.

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The Horn Family said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler and here's to a healthy year and be coming a big brother soon.