Wednesday, August 03, 2011


So far during this process of building, brick was one of the things I stressed about the most. What if I don't like it, what if we chose the wrong shade, will this trim look good with the brick, and the list just kept going on and on.

There were many sleepless nights of my mind going crazy. Even after we decided on the brick, I still thought, did we make the right choice. I drove by a house that had the same brick several times, still thinking did we choose the right mortar color and then will the color trim that we want look good with the brick. Oh decisions, decisions. Travis quickly reassured me that it will look fine and not to worry.

I am not a huge decision maker, so I don't know why I thought building a house would be fun. Yeah you get to pick out exactly what you want but these are some major choices we have to make. And brick is not something you can change; you are stuck with it as long as you live in that house. And for us, that is the rest of our lives. So I better like it.

So this week was when we found out, did we make the right choice. The brick started going up and I LOVE IT!!!! It could not have been a better choice.

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