Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who's perspecitve?

Originally, my husband, Travis, set up Tyler's Caringbridge Site when Tyler was in the hospital. Once we made it home, he decided to start a blog. Once he got the blog up and running, he made me in charge of the documenting. When he first began writing, he decided to write his page in Tyler's point of view. So when I started to take over, I continued this trend.

However, recently I have been debating on changing it and writing in my own point of view. I would still document about Tyler's life and his everyday happenings and this will still be HIS page. But it would be in my point of view. But I wanted to ask my readers what they like.

To vote, click on Tyler or Diane on the sidebar under Who's Perspective. I will have the poll up for a week, so let me know what you prefer.


Travis said...

1) I did not "put you in charge" of it, you took it over. AND added all the girly stripes and easter egg things as well I might add.

2) The blog's name is "Tylers Trip", not "Diane's Daily Rant". You want it in your perspective...get your own blog.

3) I asked Tyler what if he wanted you to write in your own perspective and he firmly said "No" and shook his head in disapproval. So there, take that!

Hannon! said...

Diane - I have always been curious to hear things from your perspective. Although, it's adorable to hear them from Tyler's. I voted to read in your perspective because I am interested in what the Mom thinks too.
You could switch back and forth "Post From Tyler" "Post from Tyler's Mom" and use different font to distinguish between the two.
I enjoy Tyler's Trip very much and would continue to read in either perspective. Could be nice to hear from Dad too...

Kristen said...

I am laughing over Travis's comment! Hilarious. Well I guess we know who the "1" voter is on the poll for Tyler's perspective. :)