Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hydro Walk - St. Louis

St. Louis hosted their 4th annual Hydrocephalus Walk. This was our 2nd time attending. The Walk helps raise awareness and helps support the Hydrocephalus Association's mission to fund innovative research and provide support, education and advocacy for individuals, families and professionals dealing with hydrocephalus.

The St. Louis Walk was a huge success and raised $24,519 and counting. They had some fun activities for the kids, like face painting, a clown who made balloon animals, and other fun games. Fred Bird, the Cardinals mascot, was even there. Unfortunately, we did not get Tyler's picture taken with him. The actual walk was a 1 mile walk through the park which was a nice leisurely stroll.

This year, Tyler's Team consisted of me, Travis, Joann (Tyler's Grandma), Vickie (friend) and Chrissi (friend from high school) and of course Tyler. It was a wonderful surprise when I saw Chrissi at the park when we arrived. She is a good high school friend which I have not talked to in ages (I think since high school). It was so great to see her and for her to surprise us was just awesome. Thank you guys for all coming and walking with us.

Also THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who donated to this great cause!!!

Group picture of everyone affected by hydrocephalus
Owen & Tyler
This was the best shot I got of the boys. LOL It was hot and Owen was just waking up from a nap.
Owen and his parents were planning to go on our Niagara Falls trip but had to back out. So it was so nice to actually meet them in person.

Let the Walk begin.

From R to L: Vickie, Chrissi, Joann, Tyler & me

From R to L: Vickie, Chrissi Joann, Tyler and Travis

Tyler enjoying some ice cream after the walk...mmmm!


The Soldatke family said...

Okay, my first comment didn't save for some reason...hmm.

Glad you got to meet with Sarah! And looks like a beautiful day for a walk! Glad you got to meet up with everyone!

Oh, in the picture of all the people affected with hydro; I noticed someone has the same chair as Matthew. It's the one the second from the right. It's not often you see his chair!!

Kristen said...

I was waiting for the part about getting to meet Sara and Owen this time. That's great!

I am glad the Walk was a success.

Lisa said...

That is so wonderful!

I wish there were a hydro walk in my neck of the woods. Maybe someday...