Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dying Eggs

So we carried on the tradition of dying Easter eggs again this year. I tolerated it much better than I did last year. I even got my hands messy, so that in itself is an improvement from last year. We made all sorts of colored eggs and dad even wrote on some of them to personalize them for me and my cousins and even my Aunt Jen's dog Daisy.

Dad preparing the eggs and writing our names on them.
Ready to dunk!
Let the waiting begin.
...and more waiting!
Is it ready?
Discovering what that stuff in the cup is.'s wet.
I even splashed some out of the cup and got it all over myself and my chair.
The finished products!


The Horn Family said...

We have found the best way for Burton to dye eggs... we put the egg in a wire wisk so he has a handle to dip in the dye with out his hands getting in and without losing the egg off the dipper it comes with.

Kristen said...

I love the way the writing on the eggs turned out. They look cool!

Lisa said...

What a fun experience for Tyler!

(and I love your hydro walk t-shirt!)

Hannon! said...

Very cool! They turned out so bright!