Friday, April 09, 2010


Everyone came over to our house for Easter. We all had a good time, with an abundant amount of food and Easter treats. There was also some basketball action to be viewed.

Bubbles were blown.
Books were read.
Birthday's were celebrated.
My Aunt Tori's birthday was on Saturday and what a great birthday cake than a Blizzard from DQ.

And eggs were hunted - lots and lots of eggs!
Someone was even mean enough to put an egg in a thorny bush.
Take a good look at Luke's face, it's priceless!

And Easter baskets were specially made by Aunt Jen.

Look at all those eggs. This was after finding the goody treats inside.
I think this catches me back up from last month. Hopefully April isn't as hectic, although it is already a third over.


Lisa said...

LOL! I love that thorny bush picture...classic!

Jennifer Schlueter said...

I just got a new monitor so I am back on-line. Luke was a trooper getting the egg out of the thorny bush. Oops, I just gave it a toss. Hopefully see you this weeekend again Tyler. Love ya, Aunt Jen