Friday, January 22, 2010

Alphabet ball

Another one of my favorite toys I like to play with is my Alphabet ball. This toy spins on a wheel and has 3 settings (letters, animals, and music). When the ball stops spinning, I love to see and hear what I have landed on. It's a surprise every time. Come back again tomorrow for one last toy.


Kristen said...

Ha, how cool! Cayman and I were just playing with that same toy in Walmart this past week. She really seemed to like it too. I considered buying it for her but then figured she has enough toys to play with from all her Christmas gifts.

But I guess her birthday is in March. Maybe she'll get it then. :)

Lisa said...

I haven't seen that one before! That is awesome. And I bet Elisabeth might just get the hand of it.....spinning things is one of her better skills :)

Thanks for sharing!