Saturday, January 23, 2010

DVD player

The last gift that I am going to share is my personal dvd player. I love to watch movies and mom and dad thought that I could see them better if it was a little closer, because we are still not sure how well my vision is. And of course, I get to watch some of my favorites - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Kung Fu Panda.

I sometimes, well a lot of the times, like to grab the dvd player and get it closer. Mom and dad aren't sure why I do this. It looks like I may be getting it closer to see it better but most of the time I just try to lick it or chew on it. I am going through a phase of wanting to chew and lick everything that I can bring or comes near my mouth.


Erica said...

I didn't think of that - we aren't sure how much/little Carson can see. I could get him one of those for his bday! It could keep him entertained while he's in his stander.

The Horn Family said...

Burton does that exacted same thing with the little DVD player and Ipod.