Sunday, December 20, 2009

School Christmas Party

Last week, I had my Christmas party at school. We got to decorate a tree, sing Christmas carols, eat snacks and open gifts. It was a lot of fun.

Playing my maraca and singing Jingle Bells.
Shake, Shake, Shake

My stocking I made.
Opening my gift from my teacher. She gave us all a book.

Now the best part is, I get 2 weeks off from school. Hip, hip hooray!!!


Kristen said...

School Christmas parties are so much fun. And even better is the 2 week break that follows them. I agree!

Hannon! said...

Man! Two weeks of school off!! LUCKY!

It looks like the Christmas party was a success! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Enjoy the two weeks off!!

The Soldatke family said...

2 weeks off of school is awsome!! Time at home and no school is the best...maybe mom will let you sleep in???

Oh, and since Matthew has gotten his chair, I had special interest in your chair, and I gotta say that I love it!!