Monday, December 14, 2009


So recently, I have become very fearful of dogs. Nothing has dramatically happened, to make me fearful of dogs. I guess I have just decided that I really do not like them. There was a time in my life that I did not mind dogs. My grandma and grandpa have several dogs and I have never been afraid of them. Also, my Aunt Jen has a dog (black lab) and I used to be okay with her dog (at least when she was a puppy), but now she is full grown and somewhat hyper. So the last time we visited her in September I totally freaked out when I saw the dog (Daisy). Daisy was very hyper and just wanted to meet me and for me to pet her. But she was so excited that it scared me.

Before being fearful
This was Daisy as a puppy.

So mom and dad thought maybe it was just Daisy that I was afraid of, but they were wrong. My grandma Vicki just got a little puppy. And when I say little, I mean little. This dog is not much bigger than a cat. So mom and dad figured since it is much smaller than Daisy, I would like it. Well they were wrong, I didn't even want it in the same room as me. Even through my fear and distress of being close to the dog, mom decided to take some pictures instead of consoling me.

Keeping a close eye on her.

I have had enough of this dog thing.

Maybe this fear is something that I can overcome but not right now.


Kristen said...

Oh Tyler, forgive me for chuckling at your cute crying face. Your responses and opinions are precious. Cayman shares your dislike for dogs too. She's scared of them as well.

Jennifer said...

Daisy says - I just love you so much and that's why I love to lick you. I can't believe I was actually that small.

Lisa said...

Poor Tyler.....

Just not a dog person I guess.