Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My new obsession

So I found a new obsession and it is my mom and dads laptop computer. I don't know what it is about that thing but if I am sitting next to mom or dad and they are using it, I want to play along. I am almost mesmerized by it. I will reach and reach for it even to the point where I sometimes fall over or if I am in my seat, I fall out.

Here is me begging dad to play.
He said no, so I decided to grab it and was trying to pull it towards me.
Dad, PLEASE let me play.
Can you see me grabbing his arm, I was trying to pry it away from him.
He finally let me play a little bit and I got to make a pretty picture with a little help from dad. He held the button of the mouse down and then I moved it around to make all the colorful lines. It's a masterpiece.

Here some more pictures of me playing.


Holly Smith said...

This is so cool! Love the artwork. Cameron loves the computer too....but mostly looking at pictures of himself and his cousin, Emily. The Fisher Price website has a game where they can hit any key to count 1-5 goals (soccer, football, or hockey) and he likes that, too. He can just bang on the keyboard and it cheers every time. Merry Christmas Tyler!

The Horn Family said...

Awsome!!! Love the picture. Burton would love that, what program did you use for it?