Sunday, October 19, 2008


Beware this may be a long one. First of all, apparently mom and dad got a hold of my computer the other night after I went to bed. They decided to add a few things and change some things on my blog. But it actually looks pretty good, so I won't get too upset. But they should of asked me first. I hope you like it.

Sunday, was pretty busy. Mom and dad worked in the yard, while I supervised. I had a visitor that was trying to help also. The neighbors cat likes to hang out at our house a lot. When it sees us outside it always has to see what is going on. I thought it was just going to help me supervise but it decided it needed a front row seat and decided to climb up on me and sit in my lap. I took my bat and ball with me outside to keep me entertained and I tried to hit it with my bat but it didn't think that was very intimidating. Mom and dad had to shush it away a few times, but it just kept coming back for more. There was really only room for one of us to supervise. Click on the link below to see how the cat decided to invade my space. We finally went inside for some R&R and to watch some football. I don't know what to say about those Chiefs.

Later on, mom decided it would be a good idea for me to get in my stander. I have gotten off the hook for a long time and they have not been putting me in my stander. It has been kind of crazy around here. Although I have to stand when I am at school, so I still get some of my standing time in. So I haven't been completely off the hook. Since mom hasn't put me in my stander in awhile, she wasn't for sure how long I could handle it. Well I showed off and stayed standing for 45 minutes. That is an all time best. I probably could of gone longer but it was getting close to supper time. While I was in my stander, I had so much to say. I was very talkative and I even talked while mom video tape me. I usually freeze up when she pulls the camera out but not this time, you can see below how much I talked.

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