Sunday, October 12, 2008

School Pic

Well I finally got my school pictures back and they turned out so good. I didn't know I looked so handsome. Mom thinks I look so grown up and that I am growing up way to fast.
Today, was pretty relaxing. Mom and I went out to eat with one of our friends, Amy. I did very well. I am starting to like eating out. Before I wasn't for sure about everything and I never ate well. Mom usually had to feed me once we got back home because I was to busy looking around when we were at the restaurant. But now just give me the food. After we got home, we just hung out and relaxed. Nothing to exciting, just how I like it.


Anonymous said...

You look so big in your school pic. Keller had alot of fun playing with you.

Love ya,
Brooke & Keller

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little man :O)

Paula Schnurbusch