Sunday, October 26, 2008

Begg's Family Farm

I had a pretty busy day today. Mom, dad and I went to this farm that has a bunch of different activities this time of year, called Begg's Family Farm. It was a beautiful day for it too. The only bad thing was that mom forgot my hat so I was closing my eyes and covering my eyes with my arm almost the whole time (I'm very sensitive to the sunlight). They had a bunch of cool stuff to do. Some of the things I wasn't able to do but we made the best of it. We walked through a maze and almost got lost, looked at and fed some animals, swung on the swings, and slid down a HUGE slide. That was probably the best part of the trip besides the swings. This slide was so tall that mom and dad were scared to go down it with me. I guess they thought they might drop me or I hit my head. But after considering it for a long, long time. Mom finally got the guts to take me down. Then dad finally went down with me. Way to go mom! It was so much fun!
Anyways I better get to bed, I have a big week ahead of me. I think we might carve some pumpkins some time this week. I also have a Fall Party at school, and then of course Halloween is on Friday. I can't wait. I am dressing up as a cowboy.
FYI..When you look at the pictures, on the 1st and last slide, you can click on the smaller pictures and they will show up in the larger spot so you can see them better.

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Mama Pajama said...

Hi Diane,
Here's the link to Cameron's first horseback riding lesson:

We did it like that a few times with his hands on the saddle, but then she put these metal handles on the top of the horse that helped a lot.

Anonymous said...


Maybe next yr we could go together. Have fun on halloween.
I am going to be a train engineer.