Monday, October 23, 2006

My second home

Another weekend, both my parents had to work again. Which is why I am calling my grandma and grandpa's house my second home. Which is not so bad. I seem to always have fun there, especially this weekend. My Aunt Jen came down to see me this weekend. It's been awhile since I've seen her. So of course she had to spoil me. My two cousins were also there. So I got to play with them too.

I have really gotten to like my cousin Drew a lot more. He isn't so rough with me anymore. Which is really nice. He doesn't want to jump on me, now all he wants to do is lay next to me and give me kisses. So I think we will be good friends.

He also likes helping me out every now and then. When I am thirsty he brings me something to drink and helps me hold my cup for me. Now thats a nice cousin.

I also liked playing with my cousin Luke. We were pretend playing. He was the banker and post office and I rode my car around and ran my errands taking my money to the bank and running to the post office. Mom had to help me a little because apparently my driving isn't the greatest.
I guess we will have to see what happens next weekend. Who knows what I'll do, maybe I'll go combining with grandpa.

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