Friday, October 27, 2006

Too little

I had my 15 month checkup today. And if you haven't heard I have not been gaining much weight. So that was moms concern today going to the doctor. And well of course they weighed me and I have actually lost weight from my 12 month checkup. At 12 months I weighed 17.7 lbs and know I only weigh 17.4 lbs. I guess getting sick a several weeks ago and getting dehydrated set me back a little and I haven't caught back up yet. Because I lost almost a pound then. On the other hand I am growing the other way. I am 30 inches long. But the doctor is going to check a few things out and make sure everything is a okay. So mom and I had to go over to the hospital and get some blood work done. But it wasn't too bad I was a big boy. I am starting to get used to it. The doctor also listened to my heart and checked my ears and said my one ear looks a little clogged and said I have an ear infection. So he put my on an antibotic for 10 days. I told mom to stop bragging about me not having any ear infections and look what happened. I blame it all on her. Other than all of that everything else is okay.

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