Thursday, October 12, 2006


As you can see from the picture, I am a very happy boy. I am usually in a pretty good mood. Laughing, smiling, and giggling. Especially when someone is tickling me. I must of got that from my mom. I have also become a lot more vocal and making more different sounds. I sometimes surprise myself at what comes out of my mouth. I have also discovered something new inside my mouth, and when I move it around and talk sometimes I make a different sound. Mom and dad keep telling me it is my tongue, but whatever. All I know is that it sounds pretty cool. Another sound I make is this growling noice. I sometimes make it just because and sometimes when I don't want to do something. The other day, Ms Brandy my speech therapist was here. I kept wanting to look to the right because I like looking that way and she wanted me to look the other way. But I was putting up a fight. She finally forced me by pushing my head the other and as soon as she did I growled at her. I did not want to do it and I was letting her know. She thought it was funny and was glad I was expressing my feelings. But she didn't give in and still made me look that way so I finally gave in. But I wasn't happy about it and growled at her a few more times just to let her know. Mom says I have a little attitude.
I still don't know what I am going to be for Halloween, but if I keep this growling up maybe I should be a lion again like I was last year. We'll see.

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