Thursday, March 30, 2006

Week off

Well, back to reality. Mom and dad are back from Mexico and I'm done getting spoiled by everyone. Man was that a lot of fun. I didn't have to do therapy all week, I got to spend time with both of my grandmas and grandpa and I got to eat stuff that I probably shouldn't of ate. They held me and talked to me the whole time. But when mom called I never said anything because I was mad at her for not letting me go along. But I had just as much fun as they did. I was really good for everyone that took care of me. I got up once during the night a couple times. But I was just scared because I didn't know where I was at. But then I saw some familiar faces and I was just fine. I mainly just wanted to talk when I got up and tell them my dreams.
But I was sure glad to see mom and dad when they got home. I was sleeping but they just had to wake me up and see my big blue eyes. I even gave them a quick smile. I even let them sleep in. I didn't get up until 8:30 the next morning. I was exhausted too. But the next morning, I had to tell mom and dad how much fun I had and what I all did. I wouldn't stop talking. I was so glad to see them.

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