Friday, October 26, 2012

Rolling Along

Back in July, I posted that we were in the process of finding a wheelchair for Tyler. We had decided that the Quickie Zippie was the perfect fit for him and were patiently and ANXIOUSLY waiting for it to come in. We were told that it would take approximately 4 weeks. Well 4 weeks went by and we were still waiting. It was almost 8 weeks before we received it because insurances were going back and forth on who was going to pay for it. I guess I shouldn't complain since it was nothing out of our pocket and the entire time we still had the demo chair that they were graciously letting us borrow. Let's just say that we put that demo chair through the ringer. It was banged into walls, it went camping and fishing with us and it was thrown up in. We had some major cleaning before returning it.

Tyler's new chair is awesome! It offers all the support he needs, the wheels are in a reverse configuration so they are easily accessible for him and it even has his name on it. But my favorite is the color. It's toxic green!!
There were a few minor things different from his new chair and the demo that Tyler had to adjust too, but he is operating it like a champ. There are times that he still runs into the wall but overall he continues to get better at maneuvering it every day. He also started taking it to school and is getting around the classroom and through the hallways. His teacher said the first day when they were going down the hallway, Tyler was going really slow and looking at everything (pictures) on the walls. So the next day they let him go roam the halls to explore and give him more practice.

I love all the independence this is giving him. He is one determined little guy when he knows where he wants to go. Especially when you open the door to go outside, he will get there in seconds; but if you tell him to go to the table because it's time to eat he diddle dallies around. So our goal now is to follow directions. We shall see how that goes. I sometimes have to realize that most typical 7 years have problems following directions and don't won't to listen to their parents, LOL.

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Jill S. said...

Very cool wheelchair, Tyler!! Matthew has the same color wheelchair with his name on the back in toxic green!!! It is the very very coolest color!! Have fun with your new freedom!