Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kenna - 9 month old

Dear Kenna,

9 months already and growing like a weed.

Developmentally you have changed so much in this last month. One milestone you have accomplished is crawling. There are so many different methods that babies learn to crawl. Some of them learn how to army crawl, some do the butt scoot, some do the worm, and some learn the standard crawl. The method that you learned was The Worm. If you are not familiar with The Worm, here take a look.

Another milestone is pulling yourself up to your knees. You have even pulled yourself up to a standing position a few times. It just seems so fast on how quickly you have achieved these milestones. And to think that walking is right around the corner blows my mind.

You have been very vocal this past month as well and have been babbling nonstop. I got to hear the most beautiful sound every mother wants to hear, you finally made the "mama" sound. I know you didn't say it in context but it's still a wonderful sound. Your favorite sound to make is a clicking sound with your tongue. There have been several mornings when you wake up and I hear you 'clicking' over the monitor. It's really cute and I appreciate that you wake up so content in the morning and you enjoy playing in your crib so it gives me a few extra moments to get ready for work.

Since you have become more mobile, you make it very difficult to get posed pictures and getting your monthly photo with Mr. Bear. You also think it's funny when you pull your bow out of your hair. I had over a hundred pictures taken with you and Mr. Bear and only came out with a handful of good ones. I guess that's why we leave those good photo shoots to the professionals.


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