Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Birthday Party

We celebrated Tyler's birthday this past weekend with family and friends. Tyler loves to fish (really he loves any activity outside) so we decided to have a fishing theme.

Everyone enjoyed fishing and a few fish were caught by some.


Summer birthdays are always fun to plan because there are so many options, but you also have to worry about the heat. So what better way to solve that problem than with a slip 'n slide. It was a big hit and the kids had no fear. I think most adults were cringing as each kid was sliding down. And several 'ouch' comments were overheard as they hit the ground. Oh to be young again. We had to 'redneck' it a little and add some additional tarps to make it longer but it worked out well.

Tyler even tried it. He wasn't too sure about it though.

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Drew Watts said...

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