Sunday, July 08, 2012

Kenna - 8 months old

Dear Kenna,

Well I was doing good and keeping up with your monthly birthdays, but your 8 month snuck up on me. This past month was so much fun! You are such a happy little girl. You still only have 2 teeth and you haven't quite got the crawling thing figured out yet but you are getting close. You get up on your hands and knees and do the whole rocking back and forth. So it won't be long.

I love listening to you babble and your choice of sound is still 'da'. When I talk to you, I love how you intensely watch my lips and you try to mimic them. However, you think it's funny when I say 'mama', you laugh every time. I joke and say you will say every word before you ever say mama. Time will tell. 

We have several different nicknames for you already, the first is our little cookie monster, because when you eat you make the cookie monster sound with every bite. And the other is our little monkey. You are always doing something silly, either making a silly face or balancing your toys with your feet. You like to hold your bottle, toys and whatever you can find with your feet. It's quite funny to watch until you try to hold a toy that is to big and heavy and you can't quite balance the toy with your feet and you drop it and it hits you in the head.

We have also learned that 3 hours is your time limit of being in a car. We have made two trips this past month, one to Nashville and the other to Montauk. Nashville is 4 hours away and the last hour was not fun for anyone in the car. We also went camping at Montauk State Park, which is 3 hours away and it was a much more pleasant car ride. So I guess for now we are limited on where we go. We will have to put off going to the beach awhile longer, lol!
Happy 8 months!!!

Love, Mom

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