Friday, January 13, 2012

Sit to Stand

One of Tyler's goals in therapy is going from a sitting position to a standing position. He has been working extremely hard on this for several months. In the beginning, his therapist has even used a massager/vibrator on his legs to help activate his muscles. He HATED that. His therapist usually needed some assistance since Tyler didn't help much in the beginning. So she would have the secretary come in and have her place the massager on his legs. The first time she did it, Tyler gave her the look of death. This broke her heart and pretty much refused to do it again because she hated to see that face. But he would usually do it. Now any time you mention the massager or vibrator, Tyler gives you "The Look".

Now we don't even need the massager or even have to mention it. He pulls himself up into a standing position with minimal assistance for extra balance. He also needs a little help to initiate the move. Take a look for yourself.

The next step is to actually take steps. You can tell he wants to because every now and then he will lunge forward.


Isaac said...

Wow guys! That is amazing! What a little trooper!

Aunt Jen said...

Aunt Jen says "WHOOOHOOOO, GO TYLER!!!! I saw the look you gave @ therapy when I got to take you this summer and then to watch this video was totally amazing! You have come so far. You rock Tyler, keep working hard!

Michelle said...

Wow!!!! That is just the most amazing thing ever!!!! What strength! And look at him moving his hips too. I'm just speechless with happiness for you both!