Monday, September 05, 2011

Spending a Labor Day....laboring!

What better way to spend a Labor Day weekend than to spend it working. As for me, I spent part of the weekend at my real job (the one that pays money) and the other helping out at the new house. But Travis and several family members spent the entire weekend working at the new house. I can't believe it but the end is nearing and we are getting close to being finished. This also means that there is a lot of work involved with us finishing up.

We agreed with our contractor that we would do the painting. That was a huge task but we (I guess I shouldn't say we, because I didn't left a single paint brush) finished it in 4 days. The ENTIRE house. Thank you to Travis and his brother, they did an awesome job!

The pictures are a little dark, so some of the colors in the bedrooms are a little misleading.

The main room and kitchen wall

Living room

Tyler's room -- I love his room, it's very bold and Travis did a great job in picking out the right color). We agreed that he would do Tyler's room and I would do the girls room.

Baby girls room

Master bedroom -- Another of my favorite colors, it's so soothing.

Today, we spent cleaning the floors and getting ready for the floor people to lay tile and carpet on Wednesday. And oh my gosh there was a lot of dirt/dust. Dry wall is a mess! Sunday I spent most of the day shop vacing. Then on Monday while I was at work, my parents, brother and sister-n-law came to help mop the floors to get up as much dust we could. I've heard that if you don't clean up the dust before you lay carpet, the dust could seap through your carpet and you could be cleaning and vacuuming for years. So our strategy is to get it right the first time, while we have the chance.

The guys also worked on staining the wood for our deck.

Everyone enjoying a much needed break.

And last but not least, my dad hauled in some straw bales for our yard that will be seeded this week.

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