Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Love It When...

I put Tyler to bed and he plays peek-a-boo with me with his covers.

I pick him up from the babysitters and he kicks his legs in excitement to see me.

He "talks" to me when he wants another bite of food. He can be very impatient at times and he lets me know it :)

He gets so excited to go outside, especially to swing.

At the end of a movie and the credits are rolling, he watches them and "talks" in his "surprised gasps".

And of course, who can't love this smile!


Kristen@LiveLifeInWonder said...

Oh my gosh, I love that smile too! He sure looks like he enjoys his Rody. And Elisabeth does too. I can't get Cayman to love her Rody for anything! I am thinking it was such a waste of a purchase. Oh well. Ya win with some, lose with others. Maybe Kobe will like it better. Or maybe Cayman will like it once brother takes it over. You know how kids can be. :)

Brad Gibbs said...

Great post! I can just imagine Tyler doing all those things and I can imagine how awesome it must feel for you!

Lisa said...

Look at him ride that Rody! Awesome!

(I'm chuckling at Kristen's comment about Cayman finally liking her Rody once her brother gets old enough to take it over - that's always how it is with siblings, isn't it? lol!)