Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas - Part 2

Christmas Morning

I was sort of excited for Christmas morning. I have never experienced seeing kids wake up in the morning and run down the stairs to see if Santa had come. I was excited to see their faces as their eyes widen as they saw all the presents.

Tresa & Huts have 3 kids: Christian, Tori and Eli. The night before Christian & Tori were all excited that the following day was Christmas and that Santa would be coming. Eli is still a little young to know what is going on and Tyler really doesn't understand the concept either.

By the time Christmas morning came, the stomach bug hit Tori. So there wasn't the mad dash down the stairs to see what Santa brought for her. But Christian, Eli and Tyler enjoyed unwrapping all their gifts and Tori decided to join a little later. I felt so sorry for her because this happened to her last year. Poor little girl. The stomach bug later got to Eli. Luckily no one else came down with it.

Christian enjoyed getting Legos after Legos. He is pretty much obsessed with Legos and is called the Lego king. Eli enjoyed his Handy Mandy toy, Spongebob and remote control car. Tori got several baby dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, and princess toys. Tyler got a Rody, some books, a Sit-n-Spin, a lightsaber and an Iron Man toy.

They enjoyed playing with their toys the remainder of the day. Especially Christian with all of his Lego making (see more on that tomorrow from the Lego King).

Christian passing out the presents






Jen said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing day. That darn bug hit lots of places this weekend. I can't wait to hear how Tyler like his Rody.

Kristen said...

We got Cayman a Rody after seeing Elisabeth with hers. Hopefully Tyler likes Rody better than Cayman does hers. She's not very fond of him and acts so nervous while she's mounted up on him.