Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas - Part 1

A White Christmas

The Christmas season has come and gone and has been filled with many joyous memories. This year was a little different. It was our first time spending Christmas out of town. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Travis' side of the family. It was well over due. We stayed at his sisters and brother-in-laws (Tresa & Huts) house.

They live in Peoria, IL and we were expecting to have a white Christmas. It had snowed before we got there and snow continued to fall Christmas Eve. It was really pretty. We see snow in Southeast Missouri but don't have many white Christmas'. Although they did have one this year. Snow just makes Christmas that much more merrier :)


Kristen said...

We had a white Christmas too. You said it just kind of makes it merrier. :)

Lisa said...

Lucky! Our snow decided to melt away on the 24th :( There were just little remnants of it left here and there on the 25th....but not enough as to qualify it as a 'white Christmas'