Thursday, September 09, 2010

Appointments & Therapy

We have had a lot going on the past couple of weeks with doctor appointments and adding additional therapy. Tyler is now receiving an additional 1 hour a week of physical therapy in addition to all the therapy that he receives at school. I am pretty excited about this and hope that this additional therapy will help him get stronger. At this new facility he will be receiving 30 minutes of water therapy and 30 minutes of land. I think it's kind of funny how they call it land/water therapy :)

We have also been meeting with an orthopedic doctor about Tyler's hips. Apparently, his hips have been dislocated for some time now. The way his femur bone is growing, it is growing straight up, instead of up and in towards the hip socket. The result of this is that the hips are compensating for this and are growing out instead of growing in and around the femur bone.

The doctor says that this is not painful to Tyler right now but as he continues to grow it will be. Unfortunately the plan to correct this is surgery. So on October 1, Tyler will undergo his 3rd surgery. They will be doing 3 different procedures during the surgery. The first is a Femoral Derotational Osteotomy, which will redirect the femur bone to grow into the hip socket. The second is a Dega Osteotomy. Tylers hip sockets are very shallow and this procedure will deepen the socket of the hip, to help prevent future dislocation. And finally the 3rd is a soft tissue release. This will help with flexibility.

So that is the plan. I am definitely not looking forward to another surgery but if this is going to help Tyler in the long run, then I am all for it.


Lisa said...

That's wonderful about the extra hour of PT!

But on the other hand, I'm sorry to hear about the surgery. Surgeries are never fun, but I am sure that this will make thing better for Tyler in the future.

Take care :)

The Soldatke family said...

Bummer for another surgery. I hope, like Lisa said, that it makes it better for Tyler in the future!

Hannon! said...

Man, I'm sorry to hear you all have to go through surgery to correct his hip. However, hopefully the surgery and extra hour of PT will make him a strong little dude!

BTW - I'm digging this blog from your perspective :)

The Horn Family said...

Burton also does water therapy, with the PT he works with and in school. He loves getting in the pool.