Monday, April 05, 2010

Finally settled in

Man, March was a busy month. Which is probably why there were only 2 updates the entire month. One of the biggest events that happened in March was us selling our house. Which I know I mentioned in a few other posts (here and here). And now that we are finally settled in, here are a few pictures of our temporary new home.

But, first here are some pictures of our old house.

Our old house.
Our pool which I will dearly miss. Although Dad says he will not miss it.

Our new duplex.
My Room


Kristen said...

I love the porch on your old house!!

And the duplex looks so fresh and new!

It sure takes some time getting moved and settled in. It's quite understandable that march was lacking in the blog updates.

Hannon! said...

Your old house looks so inviting! Good luck on finding a new home! And, your duplex looks really big and open for being half a house (almost, haha!)
That bed is awesome!