Sunday, May 24, 2009

My favorite question

I have been having a pretty lazy Memorial Day weekend. It has pretty much been me and dad the whole time. Mom has had to work ALL weekend. We have played and watched movies and played some more.
One of my favorite things to do lately has been swinging. I have always enjoyed swinging but now I get overly excited when you ask me "Tyler, do you want to go swing?" I kick my feet and yell out in excitement. Maybe mom will get it on video tomorrow so we can show you. The other day my mom asked me if I wanted to swing and I quickly turned my head to the front door, kicked my feet and got really excited. Mom even got excited because she saw me turn my head to the door. It was like I was telling her "yeah it's outside". I could sit out there for hours and just swing away. And I always get upset when we have to go in.