Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Official!!

Well, I can finally say that I am officially off the bottle. I have been working for the past couple months drinking from a cup. I have tried sippy cups but I could never figure it out or be capable of drinking from them. I even tried a "honey bear" which my speech therapist has tried with me but never perfected that either. So we went on to a regular o' cup.

I really like drinking from them because I feel like a big boy when I do it. Although I don't actually hold the cup myself, someone has to hold and tip the cup for me. But I still think this is better than a bottle. When I first started, I sometimes wore most of what was in the cup than actually drinking it. But now I may only have a few dribbles here and there that end up on my shirt. So mom was finally able to put all my bottles in storage.

I can drink from pretty much any kind of cup but the one that works the best is from Tupperware (the bell shaped cup). It is a perfect size and flares out at the top like a bell so it fits perfect around my lips. Thanks to my babysitter for introducing me to these. They even have a lid like a sippy cup that you can add.
So my next goal with this will be to hold and drink from the cup myself. And I am sure I will be needing the lid when I begin that step or else there will be a lot of spills to clean up. The problem that I have with holding a cup is that they are too wide and I can't get my adducted (collapsed) thumbs around them. Another goal for me is bringing the cup to my mouth. The only thing right now that I bring to my mouth is toys and nothing else. Put a cookie in my hand and I will just hold it....kind of strange I know. I just have no interest in feeding myself. I guess you can call me lazy.


Sweetest Girl in the World said...

YAY!!! You go Tyler!!

Monica said...

We should be inspired! Jack is still taking a bottle at least twice a day and I can't bring myself to take it from him.

(that above was written by a chicken..I don't want to fight that fight yet)