Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Setting Records

Guess what I did in therapy today? I lifted my head up 3 different times when I was on my belly. And I even held it there for at least 7 seconds. One of the times, I think it may of even been 10-12 seconds. Ms Cathlyn and mom couldn't believe it. They were so proud of me.

I even impressed Ms Terri in my therapy session with her earlier that day. She had me matching shapes and pictures. She has been working on shapes with me already and I have been doing a pretty good job. Today, I matched 3 out of 4 shapes. I say that's pretty good. Today for the first time she had me match pictures also. She showed me a lion, a monkey, and an elephant. I matched all 3 animals. Mom was so proud of me, if she had only had the video camera. Maybe next time.

I also got to go swimming today. I have really enjoyed our pool a lot. I like to splash and kick my feet. I even have a floatie that I sit in and float around in. But the best is relaxing on the raft and working on my tan. I think I will be in the pool a lot this year. I am even hoping I can do some therapy with Ms Cathlyn or Ms Christy in the pool.

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