Sunday, May 25, 2008


I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend! I have been staying pretty busy. I got to spend the night at my grandma & grandpa's house on Friday. I had a great time and got extra spoiled. When mom and dad picked me up on Saturday, mom gave me a 4-wheeler ride. I actually enjoyed it this time. Unlike last time, when the noise of it bothered me. But not this time. We were extra busy today. Mom and dad started opening up the pool. It looked like a lot of work, so I decided to sit back and watch. I don't like to get my hands dirty, if you know what I mean. I was ready to jump in the pool but then I noticed it was a little green. It looks like we are going to have to do some extra cleaning and dumping in chemicals to clear it up. So I guess we will be outside tomorrow working on that again. I can't wait till we get it all done and the water warms up. I am sure I will be in it a lot this year.
Don't I look silly! I tend to wear a hat outside, because I am very sensitive to the sunlight. But it always ends up sideways and not over my eyes. Oh well.

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