Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In therapy today, I was the ruler of the roost. Everything we did, I got to decide if I wanted more or if I wanted to stop what we were doing. We started with the swing and after two times, I was done with it. So I pressed the stop button on the switch. The therapists wasn't too sure if they believed me, because I LOVE to swing. But I pushed that stop button with authority so they knew I meant business.
The next task was a matching game. Mom was a little worried because she didn't think I could do it. I wasn't sure myself. But it was a piece of cake. Ms Terri, showed me a circle, and then she showed me two more objects (a circle and a square), and I was supposed to choose which one matched the circle. After looking them both over, I grabbed for the circle. Mom was shocked. I think the therapists were too. So we did it again. But with different shapes. This time she showed me a star, and then two more - of a star and a triangle. I had to think about this one a little longer. But I grabbed for the right one again. I grabbed the star. Everyone clapped and was so proud of me.
The next thing on the list was giving me this strobe light - which I love. Ms Brandy, turned it on and I moved the light around and played with it for awhile. Then she turned it off. If I wanted it back, I had to press the more button on the switch. I did it instantly - 10 times in a row. But my time was running out and I had to put it away even though I kept pressing the more button. Mom told me NO MORE.

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