Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I have perfected the wave. Everytime someone is leaving and says bye-bye, I give them a wave back. I don't have the wrist action down yet, but I'll get there. All I do is lift my arm in the air and then smile and laugh because I know I did something I was supposed too. Mom and dad always tell me good job.
Today, in therapy, I got to swing for a long time. I kept telling them more by pressing the 'more swinging' button on my switch. So I got to keep going. But then I was starting to get tired, so I pressed the 'stop' button. Ms Brandi thought I hit it by accident. But she could tell by looking at my facial expression that I was done. I kept looking down and uninterested unlike before when I would smile and laugh after each time we stopped and took a break. So we stopped and did something else.
So we moved on to painting. I got to watercolor. You better watch out Picasso, I'm pretty good. But I got bored of that and was starting to get really sleepy. Ms Brandi was trying to get a another color for me and as I was waiting I fell asleep right in my chair with my paintbrush still in hand. But then when Ms Brandi and Ms Terri caught me, they thought I was faking, because 2 seconds before that I was wide awake and painting away. As soon as they said my name, I gave them a suspicious smile with my eyes still closed. So they weren't going to let me go that easy. Because they knew I was up to something. But I just didn't want to paint anymore. So we moved onto reading a book that I stayed awake for and paid attention too. After that my time was up and mom and I went home. I was so exhausted I didn't even eat lunch, I took a nap as soon as I got home.

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