Wednesday, September 12, 2007


One of my new things in therapy is learning how to use switches. My speech therapist thought this would be a great communication tool for me. There are two sides to the switch - a red side and a yellow side. You can hook it up to certain toys and when you touch the side you have the toy hooked up to it turns the toy on. But it only works with toys that are switch-adaptive. I have an Elmo and a Elmo and Ernie bumper car toy that are switch activated. And since it is hard for me to turn these type of toys on like you would normally, the switch helps me out by me just pressing the button. It's pretty cool. You can also record a saying on the switch. So when you press the button, it will also say whatever you want it to say. You can use it in so many other ways too. Ms Brandy, my speech therapist, also wants me to have two choices and be able to have preferences. So with the switch, you can have one side be a certain thing and the other side another thing. And whenever I push one side or the other that is the thing that I get. And she wants to see if I prefer one over the other by choosing one more than the other. For example, she may have one side of the switch say "drum" and the other say "Elmo". And then when I push 'drum' she lets me play with my drum for a few minutes. And then she takes it away and won't bring it back until I push the switch again. And then if I push the 'Elmo' side, then Elmo will do his thing. He has a song that he sings. It's kind of funny. I like it a little but I like my drum more, because you can hit it and I like to hit things. So of course, I push the 'drum' button more. And I have learned pretty quick that once you take the drum or Elmo away, I have to press the switch again to get it back. Ms Brandy is really proud that I can do it and that I am making a preference between two toys. I can use it for so many other things than just playing. I haven't tried it too much yet besides that though. But mom has tried using it during lunch time the other day. One side said 'drink' and the other 'food'. After she gave gave me a few bites she wanted me to pick if I wanted more food or a drink. I wasn't patient enough and neither was mom. So we forgot that idea. I just wanted to eat.

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