Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my big birthday party. The weather cooperated and it was a very nice day. It was kind of warm but that was good because everyone wanted to be in the pool. I think everyone had a good time, but I especially had a great time. I got to go swimming. And it was nothing like before, like at the hotel swimming pool. The water was much warmer and I enjoyed it a lot. I swam around in my little floaty and kicked my feet. Then I got to eat and everyone sang happy birthday to me and I got to eat my favorite kind of cake - Ice Cream Cake! It was delicious!! And finally I got to open all my presents. I was kind of exhausted by this point, so my cousins and my friends helped me open them. But I tolerated it enough to make everyone happy. I got a lot of cool stuff. I got another drum, a maraca, some books and some other toys. But I was too exhausted to play with them. I am sure I will play with them later. By the time everybody left I was pooped and passed out in bed. I slept really good and even all night long.

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