Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beautiful day

This is me today not taking a nap. I didn't feel very tired, so my theory on that is not to take a nap. I went to the Ms Briana's this morning but mom picked me up around 1:30. I was too busy at Ms Briana's to even think about a nap, we even got to go outside. So after mom picked me up, we got home and ate a little snack and she thought I needed a nap. But she thought wrong. As you can see from my face I told her. But she had something up her sleeve. Since I wasn't going to sleep, we decided to go outside and go for a walk. It was so warm outside I got to put on my jacket instead of my coat. It was gorgeous. And to my surprise, half through the walk, I was zonked out. But as soon as we got home and mom took me out of the stroller, I was back up again. But I was sure ready to go to bed tonight.

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